Unity in Diversity



The ideea of the project came up in the summer of 2008.

The project has been coordinated in march 2009 by 2 students from the Romanian Section: Meda Sandra ORASAN and Diana CRISAN, then 2 students from the English and French section joined the project: Diana Garcia and Brieuc Hoang.

The first INTERSTUDENT EVENT took place in 24 october 2008. It consisted of an INTERCULTURAL EVENING for the IIIrd year of UMF Cluj. About 110 people attended the event and afterwards expressed their will to join the future subprojects of INTERSTUDENT.

The second event was part of INTERSPORT and consisted of a POOL PARTY in 24 may 2009.    It took place at a 4 star hotel private pool. The boys played aquapolo. Everyone had lots of fun.

At both events the participants received INTERSTUDENT diplomas.


INTERSTUDENT has been a project of OSM for a short period of time:

                       1 oct 2009 - 20 nov 2009.

The activities : INTERMOVIE (27 nov 2009) and

                     INTERSCIENCE (CONFERENCE AH1N1) 9, 10 dec 2009

                     were made by INTERSTUDENT as an INDEPENDENT PROJECT,  

                      NOT under the name of OSM.




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